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Ok, so what is Search Geeks?

Search Geeks is a collaboration of digital marketing professionals that:

1) Develop tools to improve efficiency for search marketers
2) Consult with search marketers to improve their effectiveness

What is Search Geeks really good at?

  • SEO site optimization
    • Responsive mobile design
    • IT server optimization
    • Frontend developer code optimization​​​​​
    • Site speed performance
  • SEO keyword optimization
    • Latent semantic indexing (LSI)
    • Term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF)​​​
    • Location, location, location
  • SEM conversion performance
    • Quality score optimization​
    • Visit to click conversion optimization​
    • Google Adwords campaign structure​
  • ​Front end Analytics
    • Adobe Omniture​
    • Google Analytic​s
    • Tucows Site Counter (just kidding)​​​​

Can you fix my computer?

Can?  Yes.  But no.

What will Search Geeks do for me?

Search Geeks provides two unique levels of service, depending on your needs:

  1. Emergency response services for businesses that experience critical traffic and revenue losses due to sudden unknown changes.
  2. Consulting & Tools for businesses in need of a fresh search marketing roadmap.

What’s Cooking in the Search Geeks Laboratory?

Google Site Search Without Ads

Custom development that provides a Google search tool for your websites without displaying your competitors’ silly ads.

SEO Ranking Optimizer

Beyond striking distance, we utilize competitive ranking analytics, predictive keyword analysis, TF-IDF, and a little TGIF. 

Title Tag Mismatch Tool

Your Title Tags are telling us exactly what Google thinks about your site.  Stop working against Google’s opinion, and start ranking for traffic.